Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Trucks through the main street of Bellingen

8 Dec

Please view the following communication from the community group Friends of Waterfall Way who have an interest in road safety for the Waterfall Way.


It is a particular concern that Sheridan’s Quarry want to have the restriction on Saturday travel removed because of the events that happen in town throughout the year. We fought hard to get this freedom from trucks in our main streets during the last period of intense truck travel for the Pacific Highway.


When the Pacific Highway development occurred there was a beginning and an end to the period of time the community had to suffer these serious risks caused by 35 tonne trucks traversing the Waterfall Way. This time it is open ended.


The quarry put in their application to Clarence Council and we believe their trucks should pass through that Shire and in regard to employment there will also be no benefit to this Shire. We note that this matter has been left until the end of the year when most people are distracted with holiday matters and we urge you to share our submission with chamber members as soon as possible as many of them supported us last year.


It is some time since this application emerged and we held a number of public meetings and were requested to prepare this submission for the JRPP.


We will be meeting at Hearthfire next Tuesday 6th Dec to formulate our strategy in preparation for our presentation to the JRPP on the 15th December.


Good Wishes

Caroline Joseph



Click here to view: CVC Objection to DA Modification MOD2016-0035