Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

The lasting impact of the bushfire crisis

16 Jan


Please view the following communication from NSW Business Chamber regarding the impact of the bushfire crisis, and assistance packages and support resources for bushire affected communities:



While rains have brought some measure of relief for firefighters and emergency services over the weekend, it is anything but business as usual for those impacted by the ongoing bushfire crisis. For affected communities, the damage from the devastating loss of life, property, income and production will have a lasting impact.

The NSW and Federal Governments are providing financial assistance to those impacted, with the latest announcement from the State Government of $1 billion in recovery funding over the next 2 years to assist in restoring key infrastructure and support the hardest hit local economies.

Additional support measures from government agencies, business and industry have been put into place to provide specific assistance to those impacted by bushfire throughout the short and medium term. Results from a bushfire impact survey show that a majority of business owners are not aware of grants and support available to help them through this crisis, with less than 2% of small businesses surveyed in fire-affected areas applying for available assistance packages.

A collated resource to help you navigate the available assistance packages is available on the NSW Business Chamber website and is being updated daily. We encourage you to share this resource with those in your network to ensure that we can provide helpful information and support for those who need it most.

The NSW Business Chamber will represent the interests and needs of our members at the Federal Government Small Business recovery roundtable in Canberra tomorrow, and meet with the NSW State Government as we work to highlight the issues on the ground and find feasible solutions for those affected. We will continue to circulate updated information for those in bushfire-affected communities, and are in regular communication with government and relief agencies to provide support to business owners impacted by this crisis.

If you or your business are in need of support throughout this time and you’re not sure where else to turn, please call our Business Hotline on 13 26 96 and our team will endeavor to help as best they can.