Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Our local community radio station would love your involvement!

22 Oct

Are you a 2bbb listener? Or a business owner who sponsors announcements on the station? Do you love to support local businesses?


If you like the idea that we should all be contributing to ensuring the future of our local community radio station, you may wish to think about becoming a member of the 2bbb cooperative, also known as the Belllinger Community Communications Co-operative Ltd.


This is easy to do – simply complete an application form and pay the $10 membership fee. Once your membership has been approved by the board, you will become the owner of five shares in the co-operative.


The two main reasons that you may like to consider supporting 2bbb by becoming a member are:


-Co-operatives are democratic organisations that are owned and controlled by their members

-By attending and voting at annual general meetings you can give voice to your views on how 2bbb is being run and on its future direction


2bbb is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and is an established and unique voice for our community. Please think about what 2bbb means to you and whether you would like to be part of securing its future.


For further information and to obtain an application form, email the secretary at au.