Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

NSW Government Planning Changes in Response to COVID-19

14 Apr

On 25th March 2020 the NSW Government passed amendments to the Environmental Planning and Development Act 1979 to ease some restrictions covered by the act for the period of the COVID-19 crisis. The changes to date include:

– Permission for food trucks to operate (with landholder’s permission) at any time
– Allowing “dark kitchens” for the preparation of take away food in commercial kitchens
– Home businesses to be permitted to operate 24 hours/day with more than 2 people other than the residents but not more than 5 people (conditional on social distancing requirements)
– Building sites permitted to be operational on weekends and public holidays
– Extended retail hours for supermarkets, pharmacies and corner stores

For details of the changes and more information visit:…/COVID19-response