Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

New Footpath Activity Applications

6 Nov

Council have provided the following information relating to new simplified processes for commercial businesses to seek approval for footpath activities.


As you know we have been working on simplifying the approvals process for outdoor dining, goods displays and A-frame signs on the footpath. A Footpath Activities Policy was adopted by Council on 27 September 2017.


Once planning control changes are finalised (currently waiting on the State Government but this could occur next month), these activities will not require a Development Application and the Roads Act consent process has been simplified. This type of pragmatic approach is being looked at by many Councils (such as our neighbours in Coffs) and the State Government.


Council also endorsed a fee-free period of six (6) months for all Footpath Activity Applications to encourage businesses to get the required approval (and provide for good access and less conflict along our footpaths).


Please refer to our new webpage for more information:


This webpage is live and will be updated as the program is rolled out and customers can be directed to the webpage if they have questions in the first instance.