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NBN Bellingen Chamber Business Breakfast – Information from last week’s event

16 Apr


At our recent breakfast event, Ian Scott from nbn presented to us on some of the key decisions that we will be making as the nbn switches on in Bellingen at the end of this month.


As a follow up to this event, Ian has provided us with the information below to distribute to our members.


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Libby Park

President, Bellingen Chamber of Commerce





With the nbn fixed line network switching on in parts of Bellingen at the end of the month, it may be worthwhile communicating the some of the following to the business community.


Note that this is the beginning of the 18 month period that people have to migrate to an nbn powered plan (if they are in the fixed line area) , they have time and can research and seek experience from people in a similar situation to themselves, they don’t need to move to nbn on day 1. Some business may want to plan this migration to nbn at a time that is suitable to them.


People in fixed wireless or satellite areas do not have to move to the nbn as their existing services are not subject to disconnection, only existing services  in fixed line areas will be disconnected after 18 months of an area going live.


There is tons of useful business resources on the following link




note that The existing copper lines and services at your premises will not be altered or changed by connecting to an nbn™ Fixed Wireless (or Sky Muster™ satellite) service. In Fixed Wireless (or Sky Muster™ satellite) areas, premises will have the choice to keep their existing phone service over the copper network active, or switch over to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service on the nbn™ access network through a preferred phone and internet provider – connecting your new phone via the nbn™ supplied equipment. Your provider can assist with your phone and internet services.


I do hope this follow up information will assist with your audience. I realise there is a lot of information – most of it is available on our website



nbn Frequently Asked Questions


I understand some of the most popular questions were around:


How do I connect?

It’s vital that people understand that switching to the nbn™ network is not automatic – residents and businesses need to contact their preferred service provider Keep an eye out in the mail for a letter from nbn outlining all of the information you need ahead of making the switch. You can also check your address on the nbn website at to find out if services are available at your home or business. Once your premises is ready for services, you will be able to see a list of the available providers in your area to assist with choosing the right nbn™ provider and plan for you and place an order to move their landline phone and internet services over to the nbn™ network.

Which provider to choose?

nbn is a wholesaler so we can’t preference one service provider over another – there are more than 150 providers that sell nbn plans which is why nbn advises people to shop around for a plan that suits them. 

Choice of speeds?

With the introduction of the nbn™ access network consumers and businesses now have an additional consideration when choosing a phone or broadband internet plan that suits their needs, and that is speed.

It is very important for people to be aware that nbn is a wholesaler, which means we don’t sell services to homes and businesses.

nbn sells four wholesale speed tiers to our customers (12mbps,25mpbs, 50mbps and 100mbps), the retail service providers, who then package them up into plans and on-sell them to their customers, businesses and homes.

nbn can provide information about speeds to residents and businesses, but if people want specifics about speed plans and prices – they need to speak to a service provider.

Scams – with a number of people getting calls.

There are scams that are attempted from time to time, but nbn provides as much information as we can to ensure the community is alert. You can find more information in this media release:

  • Residents and businesses should be aware that scams are attempted from time to time. 

  • Residents and businesses should be aware that nbn will never make unsolicited calls or door knock to sell broadband services. nbn is the company building and operating Australia’s wholesale broadband network and as a wholesale-only company, it does not sell broadband packages directly to residents or businesses.

  • A standard installation of nbn equipment is free of charge for all existing premises.

If something seems suspicious, nbn urges people to contact their phone or internet provider or report it to Scamwatch – a service run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – on 1300 795 995 or online via

How do I know whether I can order an nbn powered plan at my home or business?

People can find out whether they are eligible to connect and register for updates by using the Check Your Address function at


Who do I contact to order an nbn powered plan?

nbn™ powered plans are sold by more than 150 different phone or internet providers across Australia. nbn recommends that residents and businesses shop around for a plan that best suits their needs when they are making the switch. A list of providers can be found on the nbn website:

Do I have a choice of speeds with my nbn powered plan?

Many people are not aware that for the first time in history they have a choice of speeds when switching to an nbn powered plan. This is why we recommend you talk to your phone or internet provider about the speed tiers available in your area, as well as the actual speeds you can expect to experience, particularly during peak times like the evening, to ensure you are signing up for a plan which best suits your needs. You should also keep in mind that 25 megabits or above is considered a superfast broadband speed. A retail plan based on nbn’s wholesale 12/1 speed tier is not considered superfast and is likely to be comparable with your current ADSL service. 

If I am experiencing an issue, who do I contact?

You need to contact your phone or internet provider in the first instance. The role of the nbn is to build and maintain the access network and provide wholesale services to phone and internet providers.

Your provider knows the ins and outs of your specific plan and connection and will help fix any issues once you’ve made the switch to an nbn powered plan. If your provider is unable to find a fault within your premise or their own network, they will escalate it to nbn and we will work with your provider to resolve it. 

Do I have to order an nbn powered plan? I only use a landline phone and I don’t use the internet.

In most cases, you will still need to order an nbn powered plan even if you just have a landline. Once the nbn broadband access network goes live in a particular area, there is an 18 month window to contact a phone or internet provider and make the switch to an nbn powered plan. After this time, the nbn™ access network will replace most existing landline phone and internet services and the copper network will be decommissioned.

The 18 month disconnection window does not apply to those areas covered by an nbn fixed wireless or satellite service who can choose to retain their existing copper service if they wish.

I have a medical alarm, is there anything I need to know?

If you have a medical alarm, or care for someone who does, it is important to register this with nbn as it helps us to identify households where support may be needed when they are making the switch to an nbn powered plan. People can register via the nbn website or by calling 1800 227 300. Registration is free.

It is also very important to talk to your device provider i.e. EFTPOS or alarm.

 The rollout of the nbn™ access network involves new technologies which some existing devices may not be compatible with. Your device provider will be able to advise if your device or service will work on the nbn™ network, and what alternatives may be available. 

Will my landline telephone work during a power blackout once I have switched to an nbn powered plan?

Equipment connected over the nbn™ access network will not work during a power blackout. nbn recommends that residents consider having an alternate form of communication handy (such as a charged mobile phone), if there is a power outage of any sort.


Ian Scott

nbn™ local Manager NSW – North

M +61 407234859 | E

Unit 9/6 Elbow Street Coffs Harbour NSW 2450