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2 May


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Some small business facts

Small businesses have often been described as ‘the backbone of our economy” as they employ close to 5 million Australians.  They are the cornerstone of our local communities that we deal with daily. They are your local café, convenience store, dentist, chemist, fruiterer and butcher. Here are some interesting facts about small businesses that may surprise you –

  • 60% of small businesses have no staff
  • Of these 60%, most run their own business with no employees or employ only contract staff
  • 20% of small businesses have less than 5 staff
  • 3% only of small businesses have 5-20 staff

The role of small businesses in the wider economy is often underestimated and undervalued. While a small startup might not generate as many jobs as larger more established businesses, they are nevertheless a driving force behind our economy.  Our business advisors at Northern Region BEC are passionate about helping small business.  Your success is our success.  We are just a phone call away – call 02 6297 3121 or visit our website.

Workshops & Webinars

Follow the links for more information and to register.

Video Marketing

Location: Online Webinar

Time: Wednesday 1 May 9.30 am – 10.30 am

Cost: Free

Registration Here

Digital Strategy to deliver Leads & Sales

Location: Online Webinar

Time: Wednesday 8 May 9.30 am – 10.30 am

Cost: Free

Registration Here

SEO – a long term growth strategy

Location: Online Webinar

Time: Wednesday 15 May 9.30 am – 10.30 am

Cost: Free

Registration Here

Google Ads – getting return on your investment

Location: Online Webinar

Time: Wednesday 22 May 9.30 am – 10.30 am

Cost: Free

Registration Here

Learn from the best in the business

Hub Australia operates co-share work spaces across most major cities in Australia and generously shares information and tips for small business success.  We would like to share with you an ARTICLE from their recent newsletter as it contains a downloadable PDF with essential tips from six of Australia’s best marketing minds on everything from social media to in-depth strategy. Enjoy reading !

Gen Z enters the Economy – what you need to know

This article appeared in LinkedIn and within a short time went viral. Gen Z’ers are making their entrée into the workforce and creating their own identity across the globe. As a generation, they will be one of the largest demographic cohorts since the baby boomers.  Read the article HERE to get a glimpse into the minds of our younger generation who will no doubt play a huge role in influencing our future politics and social behaviours.

Tip of the Month

What makes a good Facebook post?


Want more engagement on your Facebook posts?  Here are some simple tips.  Firstly remember that Facebook is a SOCIAL network. You need to start with a captivating image – people like to see other people so include faces in your photo. Next, write something informative, something that people can learn from. Whether it’s your opening hours over a long weekend or a hot tip on how to use your product. Finally make sure it starts a conversation.

Facebook’s algorithm is influenced by what your post causes other people to do, that is, it likes to see interaction, eg If Tom replies to Sarah’s comment and the two have some back and forth conversation, that post is more likely to be seen by mutual friends of both Tom and Sarah which helps spread your post reach.  Don’t forget you can (as the post manager) also get involved in the conversation, thus helping spread the word further and helping to build your Facebook community.

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