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Grants Update – Major funding announced

5 Jul

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new financial year.  While many of us are trying to finalise budgets and finish reports, there is no rest when it comes to grants.

There are two major funding opportunities that have just opened and are huge opportunities for medium to large scale projects. These include:

Infrastructure Grants – this funding program has 3 different streams offering sizeable funding for the following categories:

  • Arts & Culture ($50,000 to $200,000)
  • Emergency Preparedness ($10,000 to $200,000)
  • Sport & Recreation ($100,000 to $300,000)

There are 3 funding rounds this year so even if you aren’t prepared for the current round, there will be two other opportunities. Be aware that these will come around quickly too and only have a short window for applying of about 3 weeks. The application dates are:

  • Open – July 2 closing Monday 23 July at 5pm
  • Open – Monday 3 September closing Monday 24 September at 5pm
  • Open – Tuesday 2 October closing Monday 22 October at 5pm

**There is no matched funding requirement unless you are a local government!!! On saying that, it always looks favourable if you can throw some dollars into the mix.

TIP:        I have spoken to groups that need things like lighting for their sports fields but it doesn’t get them to the $100k mark.  Have a think about whether you need to upgrade or build new stadiums/seating, new turf/courts, amenities, canteens etc that might get you to the $100k mark. So long as it is fixed capital you should be able to include it as one project proposal. Are there multiple sporting groups that use the one ground (netball, soccer, league, cricket) that need different things that could make up an application???  Think outside the box. There would need to be a ‘lead’ organisation for the application.

Link –

Regional Cultural Fund – this fund was developed to support the development of cultural infrastructure in regional NSW that enables bold, exciting and diverse arts and cultural activities. For those who investigated the fund last round, please note: the process of application and funding levels have changed.  There is no longer an Expression of Interest process and a full application is required.  Depending on the level of funding requested will depend on what mandatory documents you need to provide. The fund has also made an allocation and support for the creation and installation of artist-led public art.

The Fund opened on Sunday 1 July and closed at 12pm on Friday 21 September.  Don’t let the date fool you!  There is work to be done. Make sure you read through the Guidelines to understand the requirements.

TIP:        I would suggest breaking the project down into pieces so it’s not overwhelming. Look through the Guidelines so you know what is required. Set a plan of what you need to do and who needs to do it. Go to your strengths first and then rally support and tackle the more challenging stuff! Make sure you allow enough time and then some so you can meet the deadline cause something ALWAYS comes up! There are sample documents on the website to help step you through depending on the level of funding required. The fund will also be holding webinars so make sure you subscribe to their newsletter.

To be eligible, projects must meet the following conditions:

  • the infrastructure must be based in NSW and be primarily for arts and culture use
  • the application must demonstrate a co-contribution from non-Regional Cultural Fund sources. This may be in the form of cash or in-kind support
  • the application must show evidence of community consultation and how the project will improve arts, screen, cultural or heritage outcomes for communities
  • local projects should commence within 24 months, and ideally be completed within three years of funding approval
  • where possible, projects should support local procurement, job creation and skills development

Link –

More funding opportunities will start to open as the various funding bodies roll out their budgets so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Good luck!!!


Maxine Compton
Grants and Business Development Officer
Ph: 02 6655 7379