Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

EC’s Code of Conduct

BCoC Executive Committee Code of Conduct





Respect for the individual


I will treat all people with respect and dignity.





I will be caring and responsive in the way I provide service and engage with my colleagues, members of Chamber and the community more broadly.





I will be honest and ethical in all my dealings with others. Compliance with the law is my minimum standard.



Commitment & Accountability


I will do as I say and accept accountability for my actions and my Chamber responsibilities.


I will commit to attending at least 80% of all Executive Committee meetings in the course of the year of my appointment and accept that if I cannot do this then I will step-down from the Executive Committee if requested to do by the President.





I will trust my colleagues and rely on them in order to achieve success.



Leadership & Teamwork


I will strive to be an engaged and active Executive Committee member of the Executive Committee team. Being engaged demands my leadership, teamwork and collaboration.





I will respect the authority of the meeting chairperson and when I wish to contribute to items being discussed I will make my request to contribute through the chairperson.


I will respect the right for all Executive Committee members to make verbal contributions to items being discussed and will not “talk over” other members when they are making contributions to items as prescribed above.