Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Cupboard of Plenty at BNC

6 Dec

The Cupboard of Plenty have asked that the following information be forwarded to Bellingen Chamber members for their consideration during the festive season.


A Challenge to all Bellingen Chamber of Commerce Members.

Your help is needed in December 2016.
Can you keep our Community Giving Cupboard stocked during the Season of Giving?
It’s easy and so close to where you work.
Please bring in a few non-perishable food or personal care items and place them in the Cupboard of Plenty on the Verandah of the Neighbourhood Centre on the Council Grounds.
For a month now the cupboard has freely and anonymously dispensed hundreds of items from peanut butter to tinned fruit and shampoo to baby nappies to those who have a hard go of it.  The cupboard’s success means more of Bellingen’s generous neighbours are needed to keep more items on the shelves.
You may look in your own pantry for extra food or personal care items items or pop a few things in your trolley whilst shopping.
The Cupboard of Plenty recipients thank you. The Neighbourhood Centre applauds you for stocking the shelves with:
Tinned/jars of food                           Soap, Shampoo
Dry packages of food                                    Toothpaste, Toothbrushes
Instant meals                                     Toilet Tissue
Tea/Coffee                                         Tampons
Tomato Sauce, Jam, Preserves                    Razors, Shave Cream
Powdered Milk                                              Sunscreen
Juice                                                   Moisturizer
Infant Formula                                              Nappies
Christmas Baked Goods and Treats           Small Stocking Stuffers
Thanks for your input, 


Best regards from

Your friends and neighbours across the park at Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre.
Kind Regards
May Smith