Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Matters – March 2018

8 Mar

Welcome to my first Chamber of Commerce news column, where I will provide regular updates on events and issues of interest. Please feel free to send comments or questions to me at


Business closures

There has been some concern about a spate of business closures in Bellingen. It’s a fact of business life that shops and owners come and go, and in a small town where this process is easily noticed and commented upon, it can worry people. Each business will have its own story to tell, but speaking generally it’s fair to say that the challenges small businesses in Bellingen are facing are not just local, but national and global.  These challenges include managing of the cost of doing business and dealing with a highly competitive environment and disruptive new business models. In these times, it is necessary for us to clearly identify our point of difference, to be innovative, and to have a sound business plan.


Support local businesses!

Sadly, last year when Bellingen businesses were facing the challenges of the main street works, there were some people suggesting they would boycott local businesses in protest at the disruption they experienced.  Unfortunately, the impact of such a boycott is further pressure on small businesses and ultimately damage to the community in which we all live.

The Bellingen Chamber of Commerce is a strong advocate of the principle that members of the community should consider purchasing products and services through local businesses wherever they can.  Research shows the significant effects of local people spending their money in local businesses, so that this money continues to circulate within our community, thereby stimulating growth of the local economy and creating opportunities for employment for local people.


Join the Chamber of Commerce

If you are a small business owner and not already a member of the Chamber, please consider joining us to receive benefits such as our regular mail outs to members, the opportunity to participate in Chamber sponsored events, preferential pricing for our networking meetings with guest speakers as well as access to a range of other benefits.

Please visit for more information. We are also looking for a new member of our Board and will warmly welcome any small business owner who is interested in working with us for the benefit of the businesses in Bellingen.


Kind Regards,

Libby Park
President, Bellingen Chamber of Commerce