Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Camp Creative 2019 Support

10 Dec

Please see the following letter below from Paul Tipper, Camp Creative Chairperson, for ways your business can assist making the time people spend in Bellingen for Camp Creative memorable.


Kind Regards,

Libby Park
President, Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Ms Libby Park,
Bellingen Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 394,
Bellingen, 2454



Dear Libby,



Regarding Camp Creative 2019 support



Thank you for the opportunity to speak about Camp Creative earlier this week. As discussed, this coming Camp Creative will involve activities from Sunday 13th January until closure on Friday evening 18th January. Classes run from 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. Each evening Tuesday till Friday there are also Camp concerts both at the High school and in town .



We seek the support of the Chamber and its individual member businesses in making the time people spend in Bellingen for Camp Creative memorable. We hope they will have an experience that they will want to share with their friends and encourage them and their friends to return to Bellingen.



We anticipate this year there will be around 950 attendees at classes during the Camp week. Over the past two years in each of 2016 and 2017 we have had more than 930 people attending. Camp Creative has a major economic benefit for Bellingen businesses, both during the Camp and subsequently.



We use Survey Monkey feedback each year and have a high percentage of attendees respond. We can advise that consistently more than 60 % of attendees attending Camp Creative travel from more than 250 kilometres away from Bellingen. Each of them will need accommodation, food and services.



Our surveys tell us that people find the Bellingen businesses welcoming, interesting and the people of Bellingen friendly.



However, some of their issues raised that might be able to be reviewed by the Chamber include:

  1. a.Coffee, or tea not being available after 4 pm when classes are finished
  1. b.Very few meal options are available at cafes or restaurants on Monday evenings
  1. c. Retail shops could possibly open a little later than usual, say till 6 pm .



Some businesses have embraced Camp Creative over the years and we are happy to work with the businesses. Discounts given to Camp participants can be widely publicised through our Camp daily newsletter and announcements at our events.



If businesses have any ideas to work with Camp Creative, we would be very happy to work with them.



If your members have any ideas or matters that they wish to discuss or investigate please encourage them to contact our camp coordinators Rob and Michelle Stockton ph 66559326 or email or myself on 0411352243.



Kind regards,

Paul Tipper Chairperson