Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Beyond Plastic Pollution – Pathways to Cleaner Oceans

25 Sep

Please find below information from Heidi from Boomerang Alliance regarding local government organisations focused on plastic pollution.






The Boomerang Alliance is a network of 47 environmental and local government organisations focused on plastic pollution and eradicating it from our waste streams and keeping it out of our oceans.


We have been the lead organisation in plastic pollution for over a decade, driving much of the container deposit legislation and plastic bag bans that have or are currently being implemented around Australia… we still have a few states to bring along on the path with us, but we are seeing positive results around the country. The rest of the Pacific region however, has some way to go, but we believe there is good momentum to encourage action right now.


Given Australia’s huge per capita contribution to MPP and in light of the enormous reliance on our marine environment, coupled with the significant environmental, social, economic and health risks that plastic pollution represents, we are hosting Australia’s first conference – Beyond Plastic Pollution – Pathways to Cleaner Oceans – dedicated to finding alternative pathways and reducing our plastic footprint.


Taking place at Darling Harbour in Sydney from Monday October 30th to Wednesday November 1st, the conference will bring together a diverse audience including local, state and federal government, plastics manufacturing industries, impacted business, community groups, academia and the scientific community.


We will:


-look at the sources and impacts of Marine Plastic Pollution;


-explore the truth about alternative materials including bioplastics;


-consider the application of voluntary vs regulatory frameworks;


-highlight the role of community and citizen science in monitoring the state of play with plastics in our oceans


-discuss methodologies to drive desirable behaviour change


-look at how to plug the knowledge gaps in scientific research that will provide the evidence required for decision-makers to take effective action;


-hear from local and international legislators on regulator levers and best practice options to address the current perverse outcomes


-learn from a variety of business from diverse industry sectors, that have taken up the challenge to reduce their plastic use and adopt circular economy models in their production.


Given the potential impact on Bellingen Chamber of Comm that this growing problem poses, we hope that Bellingen would benefit from attending this important event.


I have attached copies of our event logos (portrait and landscape, transparent and with black background) for your use. Potential delegates should be directed to the Conference website ( for more information and to register.


Please let me know if you have any questions or would like further information about this ground-breaking event.