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Airbnb impacts: Giving a voice to Bellingen Council residents

9 Sep

Researchers from Southern Cross University are keen to hear your story and want to give Bellingen Shire Council residents a voice when it comes to the future of short-term holiday letting (STHL) in the LGA.


A survey released today, September 2, will allow residents to contribute their views on possible options for STHL in the Council area. The survey will also capture participating Council residents’ perceptions on positive and negative impacts of Airbnb within their neighbourhood.


The current research project follows the success of a 2018 study, which garnered the views of over 800 Byron Shire residents over their positive and negative perceptions of STHLs, specifically through Airbnb, on their community. The results can be seen here . An opportunity now presents for completing the dataset puzzle covering all 12 LGAs of the North Coast Region. The research findings will be shared with the Bellingen Shire Council and community.


Airbnb raises polarised opinions across NSW. Do you have a story to tell about Airbnb in the Shire? You may be an Airbnb host or the neighbour of an Airbnb short-term holiday let. You may be a retailer capitalising on new customers in the area as they holiday with Airbnb. You may be a renter having been evicted from a long-term rental property in peak season to allow the property to let through Airbnb.


You can take part in the survey until October 15.


The survey will approximately take 10-15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.


Link to the survey:


For more information about the research project see SCU Media release attached to the email. Additional contacts are provided in the SCU media release.




(Acting Manager Economic and Business Development)

Bellingen Shire Council