Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Community Support – Martells, Northbank and Summervilles Roads Survey

6 Nov

Please view the following communication from Bellingen Shire Council:


Council is currently preparing three submissions to the State Government’s Fixing Country Roads Program for funding to upgrade three of our key local roads. These roads include Martells, Northbank and Summervilles roads.


As a requirement of the application, and to provide justification, we need to show there is support for these projects. While the State Government is predominantly looking at the impact on things like commodity transport routes, impacts to businesses, farmers, producers, etc, we also believe that the general safety of all users is very important – particularly where these roads may be impacted by floods, one way in/out access and when there may be an incident/accident.


A short, five question survey has been set up on the Bellingen Create website for each of the proposed roads.  I would ask that anyone who lives, works or needs to use one or more of these roads would take a moment to complete the survey/s.  This information will then be provided to the State Government as part of our proposals.


If you are a business, farm, producer, etc that also lives/works or otherwise needs to use one or more of these roads, we would also appreciate a letter of support if you can make the time.  I will be emailing a number of known businesses/farms/producers etc in the coming days to make such a request.  On saying that, I am sure that I may not reach everyone and appreciate your support in passing on the information.


To access the Fixing Country Roads surveys, and find out a little about each of the projects, please go to  Please also pass on to anyone you may know that would be interested in these proposals and subsequently providing support.

Surveys need to be completed by 9am on Monday 2 December.  Letters of support should also be received by this time.


Thanking you in advance.


Kind regards,




Maxine Compton

Grants and Business Development Officer

Ph: 02 6655 7379