Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Matters – March 2015

18 Mar

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The Bellingen Chamber’s membership renewals are out and it goes without saying that membership is what keeps the chamber going … and the more we have the more impactful we can be on behalf of all the Bello businesses. So in the time honoured fashion of membership drives, rejoin and if you’re not yet a member, join now.


When we were reflecting on the inevitable question people raise at this time (“what value do Imy business get?”) this made the chamber do some reflection of our own (always a good thing to stop and reflect on whether your busyness is actually making a difference!) and pleasingly came up with quite a sizable list of things we have been doing for our members.


Building off the chamber’s four strategic strategy pillars – driving connectivity, focusing on local, helping sustainability and building on the strengths of our beautiful region, activities we have been involved include: mentoring initiative for Year 10 students at Bello High; Energy Alliance; aerial spraying; Events Hub initiative (with council) co-working space initiative; tourism review by coffs marketing (with council); waterfall way safety; Glennifer Reserve Master Planning (with council); Bellingen traffic (vehicle and pedestrian), parking and public amenities master planning (with council); sunday movies initiative; tourism and business app initiative; ‘Light up’ Bello Christmas shopping initiative (with Courier Sun) Bello Winter Music Festival; Crazy Day; and various events that provide exclusive access to guest speakers.


We have been pretty active and will continue to do so on behalf of our members with some interesting opportunities already in the 2015 pipeline (e.g. working with council on free wifi in our CBD area). We feel we are making a positive impact reflective of members’ expectations of us and, when you add this to the range of other benefits that come with membership (networking, free advertising on the Chamber’s website, and access to the NSW Chamber ‘s extensive resources), we believe membership does offer a strong value proposition. But as always, we don’t pretend to have a monopoly on good ideas, so if you have a view on how we could extend our impact or direct our energies, then please contact any of the board members (contact details on website).


In the spirit of giving business people an exclusive event opportunity our next event will be just that.


We have organized an “intimate discussion” with council’s general manager Liz Jeremy and two of her senior team, economic and business development manager Michael Grieve and assets management and design manager Phil Buchan. Liz will be talking about some of the big picture issues and challenges she sees ahead for our Council (including the State Government’s ‘Fit for the Future’ initiative), Michael will talk about his evolving Economic Development Plan, the State Government’s Small Business Friendly program the Council has signed up to and what’s happening in the tourism sector between Bello and Coffs.


Phil will talk about the new master planning he has just launched on parking, pedestrian and vehicle traffic management in the town. Some serious topics which are key to the sustainability of our local businesses, economy and community. This event is tomorrow at Fennel Seed Café from 4.45 sharp to 6pm and is open to members ($10) and non-members ($15).  BRUCE LEVY